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Nationality: Moroccan
Date of birth: 23/01/1987
Place of birth: Casablanca Morocco
Position: Rceive Attack

Height: 1,95 m  Weight: 89kg
Spike reach: 3,48m
Block reach: 3,35m
Dominant hand: Right

Current Club: ( Professional player in Mouloudia Bousalem Tunisia Nationale Division A)

( Professional player in AL DHAFRA United Arab Emirates Nationale Division A)

Team TSC  (Casablanca)

2007/2008:  participation in end of the throne cup

2008/2009:  participation in throphy cap second place

2009/2010:  participation in excellent cup and trophy cup second place

2011/2012:  Win the championship of Morocco

Team  IRT  (Tanger)

2013/2014:  participation in championship and throne cup

2013/2014:   Participation in champion africa champion club 5th place in tunisia

2014/2015:  Participation in champion africa champion club 5th place in tunisia

2014/2015:  cup the throne

2014/2015:  participation in afrivan clubs championship second place

Team  FUS  (Rabat)

2016/2017:  Professional  player in Fath Union Sport  Rabat

2017/2018:   Professional player in Mouloudia Bousalem 1st division Tunisia

2018/2019: Professional player in Fus

2018/2019: Second place of the throne cup

2018/2019: Second place in championship

Interational career:


2004/2005:  Participation in champion africa in morocco

2005/2006:  participation in the Egypt league second place

2005/2006:  participation in the Tunisia league first place

2006/2007:  participation in the championship world


2008/2009:  participation in Egypt league second place

2008/2009:  participation in gaya league second place

2014/2015:  participation in olympias of Tunisia second place

2014/2015:  win the african cup of nations champion

2016/2017:  Participation in african championship in Egypt

2018/2019:  Participation in african championship in TUNISE

2018/2019:  Participation in all african game in MOROCCO


2006/2007: Best player in the world 25th place
2008/2009: Title of the best player in Morocco
2013/2014: Best striker
2013/2015: Best reception in Morocco

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