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– Categorization course for assistant coaches, Caracas Venezuela 2007.
– International course for volleyball coaches LEVEL (I) Caracas, Venezuela 2008.
– International course for volleyball coaches LEVEL (II) Caracas, Venezuela 2009.
-Certified and coined by the FIVB
– International Technical Seminar for volleyball coaches (Central Player) Caracas, Venezuela 2008.
– International Technical Seminar for Volleyball Coaches (Ataque Zaguero) Caracas, Venezuela 2009.
– International Technical Seminar for Volleyball Coaches (Libero Defensa) Caracas, Venezuela 2009.
– Seminar of the physical preparation (force) applied to modern volleyball for men and women.
– Course of Sports Massage Applied to modern volleyball.
-Gases Generarles of the Sports training for the modern Volleyball.
– Direction and Planning of modern volleyball training.
– Course of management and administrative management, Granma 2013.


seminar on the preparation or n of the pins (ushers) in every category and í as male and female.
• T é technician seminar on the game system 5-1 5-2 4- 2 for modern volleyball.
• T é technician seminar for central player.
• Seminar t é technician for the libero player.
• Seminar t é technician for the player atacador fullback.
• Seminar t é technician for the player pin (accommodator or lifter)
• Na preparation workshop or coaches territory, Granma 2011 and 2012
• N preparation workshop or male coaches or national project selection n u Dominican Rep Republic in October 2014 and May 2015.


-Studies about the planning of training plans and the planning of short-term training (competitions, league championships).

– Estudios sobre la planificación y preparación física a corto y largo plazo en la especialidad de voleibol. – Studies on the planning and physical preparation in the short and long term in the specialty of volleyball.

– Realiza trabajo investigativo para publicar un libro sobre el entrenamiento para desarrollar pasadores ( acomodadores ) en distintas categorías en los dos sexo. – Performs research work to publish a book about training to develop pins (Ushers) in different categories in both sex.


– Beginning his work life in 1993 to 1995 in High Performance Center of Santiago de Cuba (ESPA Provincial) “Superior School Improvement of Athletics” with the male School team and then began with the female scholar until mid-1997 with a satisfactory result with a Bronze medal in the male of that team four boys were selected for the national school where they were athletes of the national selection of our country.
-In Hungary He participated in the Club League Championships from 1997 to 2003 where he won two gold medals and one bronze in different teams.
-In 2005 he worked in the Provincial Direction of Santiago de Cuba until October 2006 in the commission of attention to athletes as a member of the same, continuing the great help for volleyball.

-In 2007 he is hired by the Venezuelan Volleyball Federation in Venezuela, there he started as an assistant coach in the National Women’s National Team of Volleyball in which he won the Olympic qualification in the pre-Olympic tournament held in Peru (2008). That for the first time in the history of Venezuelan volleyball that obtains such great distinction since it gave a quota for the participation in Beijing (china) where they celebrated the Olympic games of this year (2008).
-In March of this same year (2008) joins the men’s youth team of Venezuela to continue the work with a view to the South American games to seek the classification for the world of that category.
– In October participated as coach assistant (second coach) in the South American games in Brazil 2008 that was obtained the third place (bronze medal) having good results for the development of the new Venezuelan generation and today they are members of the selection of Venezuela of greater.

He participated as assistant coach in the ALBA 2009 games in Havana, where he won the second place in the tournament.
-In November 2009 he participated as an assistant coach in the Bolivarian games. Bolivia (Sucre) where the first place in the tournament was won.
– In May 2010 he participated as assistant coach in the Cuban Olympiad with the B team of seniors in Cuba (Santi Spirits). The team won the first place (gold medal) of the tournament.
– He is currently working in the province of Granma, Provincial Sports Directorate, as President of the Provincial Commission for Attention to Athletes and is constantly working with the male and female teams in the province where the results are encouraging.
-In May 2014 he is hired by the Dominican Volleyball Federation to the Dominican Republic as technical director of the men’s project to work as head coach of the national team of seniors where he has had a good job.
– I participate in several international tournaments like:
. World qualifier in Havana Cuba in the month of June, was second place.
. Repechaje in Puerto Rico in the month of August where second place was obtained.
. Pan American Cup in Mexico in the month of September where we obtained 6 seats.
. Pan American Cup U-23 in Cuba, Havana in the month of October where the bronze medal was obtained.
. Central American Games in the month of November Mexico, Veracruz 2014 where the GOLD medal for the Dominican Republic was obtained for the first time in the history of the male project of volleyball.
In 2015 he continued working in the Dominican Republic with the men’s national team participating in several international tournaments such as Pan American Cup USA, Reno Nevada and friendly cap with the Cuba team.
In October he travels to Saudi Arabia being hired by the AL NASSR CLUB Club as the main coach until March 2016.
Already in June of 2016 trains and prepares for two months the feminine team of Granma that obtained bronze medal in the national juvenile games, important place, continues working with category 9-10 years and 11-12 years female in the province, municipality Of Jiguani.
In 2017 is called to work with equipment of the national youth selection to realize specialized work with the ushers of the selection. For 4 months, he continues to work with volleyball in the Granma province.


– National school and youth games from 1978 to 1986 discussing the first places in all the competitions and categories emphasizing me as best player in each school and youth competition.
– National Championship of First Category from 1986 to 1998 always arguing between the three best equipment of the country.
– Bahrain Youth World Championship in 1987 reached the silver medal and was selected as the most valuable player.
– World League 1991 with silver medal.
– Central American Games of the Caribbean, Guadalajara Mexico 1990 with the gold medal.
– Pan American Games, Havana 1991 with the gold medal.
– Central American and Caribbean University Games, Guatemala 1990 and Hondura 1993 with gold medal.
– Invitational tournaments with the National Team, in Europe, Asia and America, are included there the championships of cups that are realized every year of the world volleyball.
– Participated in the European Professional League (Hungary) from 1997 to 2003 where he obtained two gold medals and one bronze league and three gold medals club cup obtaining the award of best player the Hungarian league.
– Participated in the Olympiad Cubana (April 2008) as an assistant coach, where the youth team participated as preparation for the South American games to look for the quota for the next world championship of that category.


It is important to know that with their international experiences as a former national volleyball team athlete and the experience of working and sharing experiences with valuable Cuban volleyball coaches, their knowledge has been enriched as a coach, having very good sports experiences.
He has shared with internationally renowned coaches who have conveyed his experiences and have combined training hours, as they see him coaching the Cuban team.

  • Eugenio George
  • David Suarez David Suarez
  • Orlando Samuel Orlando Samuel
  • Justo Morales Justo Morales
  • Tomas Fern á ndez Tomas Fern ndez to
  • Gilberto Herrera Gilberto Herrera
  • O tros O thers

She is competent to work in any world national team of first level in both sexes (masculine and feminine) like main trainer and Trainer assistant for already having a good trajectory and experience of having worked with the national teams of Venezuela masculine and feminine like assistant and physical trainer, first trainer in Dominican Republic and Saudi Arabia.

Posee la categoría de entrenador (FIVB) Federación Internacional de Voleibol (obtenida en Venezuela). He holds the category of coach (FIVB) International Volleyball Federation (obtained in Venezuela).

Tengo comunicación con la lengua Inglesa y otras. I have communication with the English language and others.

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